About us

Winnit Co is a skill-based competition platform where our users can get exclusive prizes at a very low price. Have you ever dreamed of getting an iPhone, PS5 or any other product for a very low price? Well, we are here to make those dreams come true.

Each competition has a very limited number of entries. Once all the entries are filled, we select the players who answered correctly the entering question and we do a live raffle draw. We do at least 1 weekly raffle, and we put difficult entry questions to provide THE BEST ODDS in the game. You can check all our previous winners in the winner section. (Link)

We believe that the essence of our business is YOU, The Community, this is why everything we do is consulted with you. Our players tell us which prizes they want us to raffle (Upcoming), what prices they want to pay for them, we constantly give surprises to our most loyal players: weekly promo codes, free tickets, exclusive raffles only for them, etc.

We are here to bring premium products to all kinds of budgets. And remember, you have to be in it to win it #GoWinnit

Good Luck Players!

The platform where you can win exclusive products at a low prize, with very limited entries per prize.

1. Answer the question

2. Select the number of tickets you want

3. The winner will be selected at random

Yes. The more tickets you buy, the higher chances you win.

All tickets that contain the correct answer to the entry question or puzzle are entered into a trusted and legal automated draw system which selects the winner at random.

All winners’ names are posted in the Winners section of our webpage.
You will also receive an automated email from us providing you with the winner name.
Furthermore, we will post the name of the winner in our social media accounts @winnit.co (Instagram) and Winnit (Facebook).

We will send you the prize to the address you provided us when you created your account. If you choose the cash alternative we will send you the money in less than 2 days. More info will be provided to the winner via email.

If the competition is not full, the timer will add some time in order for all the tickets to sell on the competition. This will happen a maximum of 4 times, then, if the competition is still not sold out a cash alternative will be awarded instead and only the people that have entered will go into the live draw.

If all the entries of a competition are not full in 1 month, we will send you back the money.
For more information send us an email at winnithelp@gmail.com


At WinnitCo we consider ourselves pretty creative, and we believe there are multiple ways to do business with such cool products as we do. Therefore, we are open to collaborations with individual people or companies. All you have to do is send us an email to: winnitco@gmail with your idea and we will jump into a call to try and make it happen.

For example, if you are an individual person who thinks that could bring more people to our competitions, you could become a brand ambassador and get a commission from the tickets you sell with your promo code.

Or if you are a company, we could raffle your products or do raffles only for your community.

We have a lot of ideas, but now, we are looking for strategic partners. Could it be you?

Send us an email and GOWINNIT


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